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Beyond the obvious

Maes & Lunau takes that extra step; we look 'Beyond the obvious'. Because every organization needs inspirational leadership with connective qualities and a clear vision. As an executive search firm we want to make a significant contribution; we want to help improve organizations.

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We offer ‘Insights in Search’: insights in people , the process en the business

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The Vicar and the Tradesman

BLOG, 5 Jul 2017

The bonus platform of 20% for bankers is a shining example of symbolic politics, with which the Netherlands' chance of reinforcing the banking sector from London is evaporating. Hence, no economic boost. We are missing out on...

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Smoke and mirrors

BLOG, 12 Jun 2017

Appearances can be deceiving. An initial attempt at forming a cabinet ends with participants affable, but smiling mysteriously about the failure. All information from the Kremlin appears to have been provided by... Read more

The Partner Team 

Executive search is the essence of Maes & Lunau. Our team of seven senior consultants, experienced professionals from the corporate and public sectors.