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Nathasja Mastenbroek appointed as HR Director and Arie van Santen as Director of Finance at Nearfield Instruments

We are pleased to share that Nearfield Instruments has welcomed Nathasja Mastenbroek as their new HR Director and Arie van Santen as their new Director of Finance.

Nearfield Instruments

Nathasja is a broadly oriented HR leader with extensive experience in all facets of HR. She is energetic and result-oriented and previously worked at, amongst others, Shell, SBM Offshore and Springer Nature. Combined with her caring and curious nature she is more than equipped to add value to the business of Nearfield Instruments from the HR perspective.

Arie’s professional experience in innovation, start-ups, manufacturing & supply chain has provided him with practical knowledge in strategy, due diligence, manufacturing and financial planning & analysis for high-tech business environments. He brings energy, a broad background in various financial roles within Philips and Evoqua and has a genuine interest in people to get the best out of his team.

About Nearfield Instruments:
NFI is an innovative scale-up that uses the latest (Nearfield) technology to enable chip manufacturers to control their production processes at the highest level. This gives them a unique proposition that makes it possible to manufacture chips for the next generation of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The scarcity on the labour market is dampening the growth of companies with a real and positive impact on our society. With our new initiative we help innovative sustainable and tech companies grow. By employing 43 years of experience, we bridge the gap between the established corporate world and de start-up world. This assignment is exemplary of that fact, with many more to come!

On behalf of Maes & Lunau, we wish Nathasja, Arie and Nearfield Instruments a good cooperation!